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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Cap, Lenny and Todd are pleased to announce that noted songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Izaak Wierman (of the band A Simple Endeavor) has agreed to join Burning Peace as our new bassist and backing vocalist! Frankly, Izaak's skills go way beyond just holding down the low end of the rhythm section. If we find someone else to play bass (thus becoming a five-piece band), we'll have Izaak spend his time on strings, woodwinds, piano, brass, you name it ... the man plays everything!

But hey, we're just happy to have someone so talented join us in any capacity, and he says he's enjoying gettin' his bass groove on for a change. We're all pretty excited about the potential for creating new music in the studio with Izaak on board. 2008 is looking to become a really exciting year for Burning Peace.

On a related note, we've set March 29th as the date for the Burning Peace 6th Anniversary party. We're WAY excited to be sharing the stage with our buddy Max Volume and his band (Lenny Supera plays lead guitar with Max), and you won't want to miss this show since it'll be our first of the year (and the first public show we've played in several months), as well as Izaak's debut with Burning Peace.

P.S. Recording on the new album(s) continues, slowly but surely. We're into Year Two on this project, and all I can say is that we think it'll be worth the wait. Honest! :)

posted by Todd 2/02/2008 02:56:00 PM

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