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February 17, 2005
Todd quoted in Reno News & Review story about bluegrass events at Walden's.

December 16, 2004
Todd quoted in story about Walden's Coffeehouse (and other coffeehouse music) in the Reno Gazette-Journal. - PDF archive

July 8, 2004
Brief mention in the Nevada Appeal relating to our July 10th show at Comma Coffee. - PDF archive

July 17, 2003
The Reno Gazette-Journal ran a nice article leading up to the DRUM thing. It didn't mention how big our involvement was, but it did feature our name in print and my own visage in the group photo. - PDF archive

May 8, 2003
Reno News & Review -- "Chummy cabaret: Here’s the reason the sign-up list for the open mic at Walden’s Coffeehouse fills up in minutes every Saturday night." - PDF archive

December 4, 2002
Briefly mentioned in the Zephyr, a publication produced by students at the Reynolds School of Journalism, University of Nevada, Reno. "The staff said they are looking forward to this Friday evening when the local band Burning Peace is scheduled to play." - PDF archive

November 12, 2002
Brief gig mention in the Reno News & Review: "...Folk pop group Burning Peace...played last week; Burning Peace will play again on Nov. 22..." Of note is the fact that the term "folk pop" was used to describe us. Lenny wasn't thrilled; Todd thought it was as good as any other label; Cap muttered something about, "Any publicity..." and gave out one of his trademark chuckles. - PDF archive

October 17, 2002
Burning Peace featured in the Reno News & Review! "Peace to the world--Burning Peace markets itself globally while performing locally." - PDF archive

August 24, 2002
This time the Reno News & Review featured us for an open mic appearance, when in fact they were supposed to be featuring us for a later (full set) show. Oh well! Here's the "Hot Shows" page we were listed on, and here's the screenshot. - PDF archive

May 30, 2002
Hey, we got noticed! Barely. But hey, it's our name in print. Woo hoo!

"Get to know new local band Burning Peace at with bios, photos, videos, streaming audio and info on upcoming show dates." Reno News & Review, May 30, 2002 - PDF archive


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