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Todd began singing and playing piano at age 5, wrote his first songs and taught himself to play guitar & bass at age 12; sang with various choirs and youth groups including pop, madrigal, opera, and jazz; and has performed with numerous bands singing lead vocals and playing whatever instrument the band of the moment required (acoustic and electric guitars, bass guitar, keyboards, percussion, etc.) for crowds as large as 50,000.

Classically trained as a vocalist, Todd's composition style is centered on strong vocal harmonies and direct, melodic arrangements. He has written more than 200 songs and began producing his own original recordings during childhood, resulting in five solo albums and a variety of loose compilations and singles.

During the late '80s and early '90s Todd performed as a stage and studio session musician, while simultaneously working in the computer network industry to support his growing family. In 1993 Todd began to write some of his best songs with Lisa Callahan, a collaboration that become a marriage in 1998.

From 1994-2001, Todd & Lisa (along with some like-minded friends) wrote and recorded music for the Hippy Dye Cowboy project, culminating in the release of two albums (on CD and the Internet). Much of the music from the HDC period has been adopted and rearranged as part of the Burning Peace catalog.

Although fans from around the world have been listening to Todd's music via the Internet and at public performances for over a decade (including his 1996 solo tour of the southwest and northeast United States), the formation of Burning Peace in 2002 provides the opportunity for people to hear the music in a "complete" form.

"Burning Peace is the best band and recording project I've ever been in. Each song I introduce is then formed and shaped into something new & unique by these three amazing collaborators. The resulting song arrangements are far beyond what I might have done with them in a solo project. Burning Peace ROCKS! I'm incredibly fortunate to finally have the perfect group of musicians to write, record and perform with!"—Todd South

Todd & Lisa enjoy spending time with their four children, all of whom enjoy singing and recording music with their freaky ol' dad. For more info on Todd and his other projects, visit his homepage.

Lenny Supera     lenny at
Lenny was born on an Army base in Missouri to a Basque father and English mother. His family resided all over the world before finally settling in Reno, Nevada.

His earliest interest in music came from listening to his "toilet radio" (an AM radio shaped like a toilet) and from his older siblings' records. His favorite toy was his mini reel-to-reel tape recorder, which he used to put together his own "pretend" radio shows (which probably led to his later interest in studio recording).

Lenny heard his first KISS record at age 11, and became an instant rock and roll fanatic. He finally picked up a guitar three years later with the help of his older brother Paul, and studied with instructor Joe Lachew for six months. He formed his first band, the Flying Maniax, at age 16, and did shows regularly for the next few years all over the West with a variety of bands.

The nineties mainly saw Lenny experimenting with studio recording. Attempting to fuse rock lead guitar with many diverse styles of instrumental music, he released three albums, the first of which, "Comin' At Ya" (1990), resulted in his being featured in GUITAR Magazine's "Resume" section. "Technical Difficulties" (1995) and "Fool's Gate" (1999) followed. Lenny's latest solo release, "Snarl" (2002) was his debut as vocalist and lyricist. "Fool's Gate" and "Snarl" were recorded at Adam Puchalski's Windstudio in Bellevue, Washington, with Adam co-producing and playing on them, along with Paul Higgins (Flying Maniax) on drums.

In March 2002, Lenny formed Burning Peace with Todd and Cap, while continuing to write and record his own solo material. Lenny's latest solo project (2004) is "Filthy Sea", which promises to be the heaviest rock stuff that he has ever recorded. For more info on Lenny and his other projects, visit his old homepage or his new Filthy Sea project page!

Jim "Cap" Stapp     cap at
Originally from the NYC area, Cap's musical influences came right out of the Woodstock Generation of the late Sixties. Cap received his first drum set as a Christmas present in 1968. Cap was truly inspired by a blossoming musical environment and his experiences while sharing a high school music class with Al Di Meola and Van Manakas. Reflective of the Greenwich Village style, Cap started as a percussionist with David Oatfling and various locals bands including Hickory Wind.

The Eighties brought a switch from drums to acoustic guitar and fifteen years of solo projects. The dawn of a new era began in 1995 with the experimental sounds and drum circle sessions of the Buena Vista Budz, an ever-changing line of musicians, poets and pranksters. In 1996-1997 Cap, along with Rodney Swann and Shanell Smith, formed the all-percussion ensemble The Gathering with the occasional guest appearance by flutist André Walton. Cap's ability to easily shift between hand drums and guitar led he and Rodney to join forces with Jay Fail (guitar) on the Abazär project.

With the arrival of the new millennium, Cap teamed up with Lenny Supera to form the acoustic duo Cap n' Soup, which eventually led to teaming with Todd South and forming Burning Peace.

Izaak Wierman    izaak at
During high school Izaak studied jazz guitar with John LaChappelle. Then, as an undergraduate at Washington State University, he studied classic guitar with James Reid and music composition with Charles Argersinger. At the University of Nevada – Reno, Izaak studied classic guitar with Ed Corey while completing my Master’s in Education and my K-12 Music Educator’s License. Izaak then taught high school guitar and choir in the Washoe County School District. An accomplished songwriter & arranger, Izaak performed many solo shows in the Reno area, as well as with his band A Simple Endeavor. Izaak began playing bass and singing harmony vocals with Burning Peace in 2008, soon adding other instruments to the mix, including violin, mandolin, piano/organ, kalimba, harmonica, and trombone. In June of 2010, Izaak and his family moved to Utah in pursuit of new job opportunites. Though no longer available to perform with the band, we will always consider Izaak a member of Burning Peace.




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