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Thursday, December 06, 2007
And now, an update on the STUDIO RECORDING PROJECT!

Slowly but surely, work is progressing on the new Burning Peace album. Cap and I have laid down quite a few drum & guitar tracks, and Lenny's been hard at work fleshing out new ideas for song arrangements and orchestration. With any luck we should soon be ready to lay in some group vocals, keyboards, extra guitars, percussion, and various other embellishments. If you've been to our shows in the last couple years you'll likely recognize most of these songs, but I can promise you one thing: you've never heard 'em like this!

Our first album was pretty mellow and featured very simple arrangements, which was a pretty good representation of what we sounded like in early 2003. The 2004 live album gives a fair sense of what we'd progressed to by the next summer (adding bass guitar to the band, moving Lenny to mostly electric guitar, and the overall band to a more ROCK sound). I personally wanted those albums to be "true" representations of our sound, without any studio extras. But things have changed since then!

Cap moved from hand drums to a studio-grade Roland digital kit last year, and we've added a lot more vocal harmonies, some keyboard stuff, and generally just a lot more ROCK! So, for this new (and long overdue) set of recordings, we're pulling out all the stops. BIG drums, BIG guitars, BIG synths, BIG bass, and some really HUGE vocals. I don't mean to brag, but I'm super stoked about how this project is sounding! We'll never sound like this live--unless we have an extra 4-5 people to join us on stage--but I don't mind. This is a studio album, and dammit, we're using everything we've got!

Now, as to the release date ... I'd love to be able to give you one. However, we've decided not to place an artificial time limit on this project, so the best I can tell you is we do plan on having it done when it's done.

posted by Todd 12/06/2007 03:00:00 PM

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