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Sunday, October 29, 2006
Our Halloween showcase at Walden's (10/28/06) had everything Halloween is celebrated for: treats, costumes, and even a couple tricks (that I, frankly, could have done without). If you were there, you know what I'm talking about. Feh! Let's focus on the POSITIVE, shall we? Let's!

Burning Peace ripped through a set of favorites in full costume, which always makes for an interesting time. I brought back the horned demon look, but my wife did a new rendition of the makeup which I think turned out good and scary. Cap came dressed as an Army Ranger (full cammo) and damned if I didn't lose site of him more than once in the crowd. Seriously, he just kept disappearing while, theoretically, in plain site. Eeeek! Lenny had on an outfit that can be best described as, "something I could throw on in 10 minutes after work," which was quite literally the case. Poor guy had to work right up until almost the last minute before showtime! And yet, he was definitely costumed, though none of us (including him) could figure out WHAT he was costumed as. Joe outdid himself as "Jareth the Goblin King", a character played by David Bowie in the '80s movie "Labyrinth." I thought Joe was brave for wearing a speedo last year, but honestly, I think the big hair wig, glamrock makeup and TIGHT tights were more disturbing this time around. Still, he made a pretty hot chick, as long as you like a chick sporting a codpiece. Eeeew.

Second To Some did a super duper job, rocking through an hour of originals spinkled with a cover or two. Zach South sat in on keyboards for the last few songs, dressed in a great homemade J.S. Bach costume. Other music luminaries were on hand as well, including Frank Zappa (Mike Adragna) and Jim Morrison (Topher South). Kevin Brown was dressed up as, I think, a pimp of some sort. Or perhaps he was a hip-hop star. Frankly, I think I'm too old and too white to know the difference.

The end of the night featured some classic tunes played by one of our best friends, Dave Bentel. Certain events during the evening could have dissuaded Dave from performing (the afore mentioned "tricks"), but he soldiered on and gave us a great closing set despite all odds. Lesser men would have fallen, but nay! DAVE ROCKS!

Thanks to those that helped us have a good time. And to the others that didn't, well, you know who you are. And we know where you live.

(insert Vincent Price voice)


posted by Todd 10/29/2006 03:24:00 PM

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